As parents, we are constantly on the lookout for classes and programs that we feel will give our kids an added advantage, especially in today’s super competitive world.

But the one thing we don’t want to have to deal with is our kids moaning about the class we so hopefully signed them up for. Because aside from the money we paid, the dollar cost of cajoling and/or yelling at our kids to attend class isn’t worth the mental strain, in our already stressful lives.

At KFI, we understand this.

That’s why aside from making sure that your kids benefit immensely from the learning, we do everything we can to make sure that your kids absolutely love the learning experience.

And our 3 classroom rules set the stage perfectly.

Rule 1: In our class, there is no such thing as an unimportant or irrelevant question.

We actively encourage questions because it gets students to focus on what they don’t know; which really is a lot more useful than parroting what they know.

We also  understand that asking questions is an extremely intelligent way to learn.

And we are all for intelligent learning.

Rule 2: We really don’t care if kids make mistakes and answer wrongly.

Really, we don’t. What we do care about is that they try and make an honest attempt.

We want to encourage engagement irrespective of whether or not they are confident they have the right answer to contribute.

There’s another reason we love mistakes.

Recent neurological research shows that our brains grow when we make mistakes. Mistakes cause synapses to fire and this increases learning.

And as we said earlier, we are all about learning.

Rule 3: If the kids don’t understand a concept that was explained in class we believe it’s the teacher’s fault.

This rule is a particular favorite with the kids.

Aside from the wide eyed looks and a few giggles, this rule serves to show the kids that they shouldn’t be embarrassed or feel stupid if they’re confused about what’s taught in class.

We ask them to please let know when they don’t understand something so that we can do our job better and try and explain in another way. We explain that some kids  learn differently from others  and while we usually use the most common method of explanation, sometimes we need to approach the concept from a different angle.

This rule does wonders for the kids confidence and self-esteem and they are then much more open about admitting they didn’t understand or that they need additional help with something.

Makes for much better learning.