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Financial Empowerment: 9 to 12 yrs old

Financial empowerment is never just about money…it’s about character and responsibility.

This specially crafted online program will change and challenge the way your kids think about money while teaching them how to manage their money smartly and responsibly.

The dynamic and engaging sessions and personal familiarity of the live coaching classes not only help kids learn faster and remember better but also motivates them to engage in deep learning that leads to financial empowerment.

Smarter Richer Braver…that’s our promise to your child.

Program Highlights 

  • World Class Training 
  • Interactive Classes 
  • Personalized Feedback 
  • Guided Mentoring 
  • Tools & Resources
  • Focus On Implementation 
  • Simple, Fun & Relatable To Kids 
  • 5 Star Rated 

Program Topics 

  • Money Mindsets
  • Wants Vs Needs
  • Making Choice wit Money
  • How should I spend my money
  • Budgeting
  • Ways to Pay
  • Qualifying for Loans


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