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Student Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed every session and feel much more confident about my ability to tackle money issues as an adult. I also know that investing early is the right way to grow my wealth.”

Caitlin C.  20 yrs

The program was engaging, enlightening and intriguing. I loved every minute of it. Because of this program I feel much more confident about making wise financial decisions.

Diya P.  20 yrs

Before this program, I was very stressed about the money concerns I would have faced once I turned 18. This program taught me every detail of what to expect. I think every young adult would benefit from this program.

Sienna H15 yrs

Before taking this program, I spent mindlessly and knew nothing of even the basics, cause we don’t learn any of this in school. This program taught me so much and completely changed the way I think and behave with money.

Jessica R15 yrs

Being a part of generation wealth means I’m confident from what I’ve learned these past four weeks with KFI and I will be braver when taking on money related decisions in the future. I want to financially secure my future and this knowledge will help me do so.

Sanjith S17 yrs

The money mindset section of the program was what I found most interesting and it transformed the way I think about money.  I loved that the practicality and relevancy of all the topics that were covered. 

Althea R.  17 yrs

This program has been an eye-opener for me and has positively impacted the way I think about and spend money. Absolutely love the interactive and engaging classes. 

Vasanth R.  20 yrs

This was the best program I’ve ever attended. I only wish school was as interesting and fun as this was. It taught me so much about how money works and how I can make smarter money decisions.

Jenelle S.  15 yrs

I really loved the program, I found it very interesting & insightful. I particularly loved the investing module and the way everything was explained so simply and clearly. More than anything this program helped me see the power of discipline and patience, in money and in every other aspect of life.

Tracy G.  21 yrs

I love the program, it was fun and interesting and taught me so much about money. My favorite topic was the Money Mindsets. The teacher was amazing too!

Minari B.  11 yrs

I used to spend my money without thinking about it. Learning about money mindsets and how to make better choices has been very interesting and now I know how to budget and spend wisely. Really enjoyed these two weeks.

Tanaiwa N.  10 yrs

I felt smarter after every session and I looked forward to every class. It was fun and it really changed the way I think about money and how I spend it.

Gabrielle L.  12yrs

This program was awesome, I loved the way it was taught and I can’t wait to attend more programs with KFI

Ishaan B.  9 yrs

Definitely SMARTER RICHER BRAVER after this program. I am now a part of Generation Wealth because I know how to manage and grow my money and have a keen understanding of what mistakes to avoid.

Lukas S.  15 yrs

Because of what I learned here I will use compound interest to its fullest by earning it, not paying it. I will pay off my credit card in full every month as well as ensure that I have an emergency fund whilst trying to live below my means.

Ben S.  19 yrs

This program has changed the way I think about money. I loved how concepts were explained so simply and clearly. The topics on investing were my favorite, especially the difference between investing and speculating. 

Deven  K.  15 yrs

I loved every program I took at KFI, they taught me things that aren’t taught in school yet are critical for us to know. I actually use what I learned and feel financially empowered. I highly recommend these fantastic programs!

Mostafa M17 yrs

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about money though this fabulous program. It was fun and interactive and very interesting. I definitely felt smarter after every session of the program, I highly recommend it!

Laura R13 yrs

This learning journey with KFI has been incredible. The concepts were taught in such an innovative and interesting way. I highly recommend this program. Being financially empowered feels fantastic!

Vidhi S17 yrs

I absolutely loved this program and I definitely feel like a part of Generation Wealth because I learned so much about money that I would have never learned in school. I am so much more confident and knowledgeable about money and that’s so empowering!

Afia A.  14 yrs

Initially I was hesitant to attend this program but now I am so glad I did. It was very interesting and completely changed the way I spend and think about money. I would highly recommend this program to other students as it would help them make smarter money decisions.

Aman F18 yrs

Definitely one of the best programs I’ve attended. It gave me the confidence to make smart financial choices, especially now that I will be at University and living on my own.

Nathan D.  18 yrs

This program did so much more than just teach me about money. I loved the class interaction,  the way we were all encouraged to share our thoughts and experiences did wonders for my learning and my self-confidence. And learning about investing was my favorite topic of all.

Kyra S.  14 yrs

Initially I didn’t want to do the program but I must say that I found it extremely useful and a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and loved the way the concepts were explained.

Tom C.  15 yrs

really loved this program because it was fun and taught me so much about money in a new and exciting way. I looked forward to every class and can’t wait to attend more programs at KFI.

Agata B.  12 yrs

Thank you so much for those amazing sessions which I will never forget. I am truly grateful for those 5 hours, I have definitely taken away a lot of new knowledge about managing my finance in general. Your classes were very informative & engaging, and I am proud to say I feel more responsible about my money. I loved that you included fun examples and you made sure we caught up on everything you said and I really looked forward to your classes.
Thank you very much once again for the course. I enjoyed every minute of your lecture as well as your marvelous sense of humor 🙂

– Nidhi Suhas

Now that I have attended Teen Millionaire program, I will use compound interest to its fullest by earning it, not paying it. I will pay off my credit card in full every month as well as ensure that I have an emergency fund whilst trying to live below my needs.

– Ben (17 yrs)

As a result of the Teen Millionaire program I will now invest early and budget my money in a way that I can satisfy my needs and wants and also save. I learnt about the common money mistakes and how to avoid them. I won’t make the mistake of building up credit card debt and will pay my bills in full on time.

– Avni (14 yrs)

As a result of the Teen Millionaire program I will make sure I have an emergency fund and begin to check all of my credit card statements. I will make sure I put money aside for my savings before spending on my needs and wants

– Yara (18 yrs)

Based on the things I have learnt in the Teen Millionaire program I will be able to avoid getting into credit card debt. I will also be able to look at my spending and realise where I need to cut back. I also know that investing, rather than saving is the better way to grow your money

Caitlin (18yrs)

Thank you a lot for everything you did…. and I will be always interested in engaging my kids in your courses.

T. K

Until I attended the Teen Millionaire course, I never realized how clueless I was about money. I’m so glad my mum signed me up!

Sammy (Age 17 yrs)

Until I attended the Teen Millionaire course, I never realized how clueless I was about money. I’m so glad my mum signed me up!

Sammy (Age 15 yrs)

I really enjoyed the program and I loved the teacher, he was patient and kind and fun.

Ahmed (Age 11 yrs)

My dad forced me to come and I was convinced I would be bored and hate it. But this was unlike anything I expected, the teachers were amazing and introduced us to concepts in way that was so interesting. I’d love to come back for the next program soon.

Zain (Age 14yrs)

I wish school was more like this.

Jinan (Age 11 yrs)

I found the Common Money Mistakes topic fascinating. I’m gonna be so much more aware and avoid falling for these traps now.

Danny (Age 14 yrs)

I really enjoyed coming to these classes, I just wish school was as much fun

Mariam (Age 9yrs)

I never expected learning to be so much fun, I didn’t want the program to end

Youssef (Age 10 yrs)

These classes taught us stuff we don’t learn in school, like how to budget and why it’s important to save and invest and we also became more aware of how to avoid being sucked into the debt cycle. I”m going to be extremely careful when I get a credit card.

Noora (15 yrs)

It was a well balanced course, there was a lot of learning but we also had time to get to know each other and have a bit of fun with all the team activities and weekly challenges. I would highly recommend this course to other kids who want to learn about money management

Jay (17 yrs)

I felt the 4-week course, entrepreneurship with a twist helped me to collaborate more and not be hesitant to try something new. I saw how a Growth mindset can differ from a fixed mindset, I also realized that decisions are to be made not for your benefit or pleasure but for the community that surrounds you. I feel that I can work with people better than I could before. I also saw a change in my confidence and will to try new things.

Nathan D’Costa (Age 14 yrs)

The Entrepreneurship program was a very special experience I got to share my thoughts freely and openly about topics not generally taught in school. We learnt about a plethora of topics like developing our mindsets, leadership and building grit. I was actually excited to get to class every Saturday. Thank you Ms Marilyn for giving me this opportunity to learn more about becoming successful.

Hussain Fathallah (Age 12 yrs)

Wow! Before this course I was aspiring to be a boss…now I realize why I should be leader instead. And this course helped me changed my mindset from fixed to growth….why was this secret kept away from me for so long?? And I love the fact that all the students were encouraged to share their opinions and thoughts freely …..speaking up in class like that did wonders for my self confidence. The teachers were also fantastic and had such a wonderful way of dealing with us.

Kyra Danielle Singh (Age 11 yrs)

We both enjoyed the course as we were able to develop our mindset and grow in many different aspects. We were also able to learn how to be positive and benefit from the lessons of life. It was a really memorable experience.

Muzoon Musabeh (Age 15 yrs) and Fatima Musabeh(Age 12 yrs)

I loved the program because it was so interactive and taught us real life lessons that we don’t learn about in school. It also had lots of activities that I really enjoyed.

Lauryn Singh (Age 9 yrs)

I really enjoyed the program and learned a about Entrepreneurship. I also enjoyed the educational activities and challenges that gave us a better idea of the topics discussed. This is my third module at KFI and I haven’t forgotten anything I’ve learned. My teacher Ms Manisha is extremely kind, understanding and is good at finding creative learning ideas. Thank you so much for giving me this chance to learn!

Mythili Patel (Age 11 yrs)

During the course I have learned money management skills, which before this course I would had no idea of.In a fun way, the teachers taught me which money mindset I had and how to improve it to fit my lifestyle. We played games on budgeting, learned how to write cheques and read credit card statements.

Kyra Danielle Singh (Age 10)

I enjoyed the course, especially learning about the Stock Market and The different types of investments. I would like to learn more about how the stock market works and the advantages of different investments.

Ron Tablac (Age 12)

I enjoy these classes because we get to share our ideas on various financial topics like saving, spending & investing. I also learned how important it is to budget for my future needs.

Louisa Mlay (Age 12)

My favorite topic was on Budgeting. I really liked the case studies because I was able to put myself n the situation of the different characters and try to create a budget that would help me achieve my financial goals. I would have liked to do more case studies.

Anthea Aires (Age 13)

I liked the course especially the case studies in the Budgeting topic. I am now able to understand the business news when they talk about trading and performance of various stocks in the stock market.

Noe Aires (Age 11)

I liked learning about wants and needs, and how they are different. I also liked learning about the many emotions we may have because of money.

Prithvee Rajkumar (Age 10)

My best topic was the money mindsets. I will try to be a bullet train.

John Rommel Talavera (Age 9)

I enjoyed learning about budgeting, money mindsets and wants and needs.

Zach Mathias (Age 8)

I enjoyed the budget activity where I could choose how to spend and save money. I liked the games we played during the breaks.

Tareq Ashraf Mahran (Age 8)

I enjoyed the format of the class being discussion based, summarised with a short video and mainly learning each topic without having to read up about it before hand. I also enjoyed the personal life examples and experiences given by the educator.

Eisa Hussain (Age 13)

The budget lesson was my favourite as it needed us to apply our knowledge in “real life” scenarios for the case study.

Ava Warren and Lara Begley (Age 13)

Module 1 has taught me how to set and achieve goals and how to spend and save money. We enjoyed that the course was learning through group discussion.

Spencer and Joshua Raey ( Age 9)

The course was great as it involved working together on some exercises and we all got to participate. My favourite topic was on budgeting.

Salma Elnawawy (Age 9)

I have learnt how to spend more wisely and how to budget too. I enjoyed the whole course and I wish I had Ms Manisha for all my school subjects.

Ayman Rahmany (Age 10)

I enjoyed learning about the different money mindsets. Each lesson had fun activities too.

Mythili Patel (age 9)

My educator was always helpful. I liked learning about setting goals, discussing how money & emotions are linked and how to manage my money. I was able to talk about each topic with my older brother who has his own business.

Luciana Cuellar (age 10)

I enjoyed learning about the different money mindsets. I also liked the fun and educational videos.

Agatha Savelieva (Age 9)

The games in the spending and budgeting lessons were great as it made these concepts more real life as we realised how it is not always easy to choose where and how to spend money.

Ty Stevens (Age 10)

I liked all lessons as they were taught and explained well, especially budgeting as this was a new concept for me.

Samaira Mukherjee (Age 10)

The videos were a great way of learning through fun. My teacher took to the time to ensure that each of us students understood all concepts before moving on.

Sarah Fernandes (Age 10)

I liked that the lessons were mainly discussion based. Many new concepts were learnt, namely compound interest vs simple interest, wants vs needs and the link between money and emotions. I am going to now try to spend, save and share my pocket money.

Ayan Merchant (Age 13)

This course has taught me many things like the importance of living within your means, the relationship between money and emotions and the concept of interest. Also I now know how to budget my pocket money better as before I would just spend it. Most importantly I realise that not everything has to do with money especially when you learn how to manage it.

Seif Amr Sonbol (Age 13)

I especially enjoyed learning about the different types of investments and about the stock market.

Ameen Niaz (Age 13)

The course was very educational yet fun, it taught me a lot and I’d definitely recommend it.

Rhea Raj (Age 14)

I especially enjoyed the budgeting lesson which included a case study where we had to assess how different people had to budget their money to achieve their goals.

Shujoon Nazim (Age 12)

This is a very fun and interesting course to join because it helps you understand the importance of saving money. This course also teaches you how to plan a goal and how to spend your money wisely.

Salama Binshebib (Age 10)

This course was the best course ever. The teacher and new people I met were the best.

Hussein Fathalla (Age 11)

I wasn’t a very good saver but this course taught me how to save and spend wisely. It also taught me about setting goals. I like this course because it is fun!

Leena Souja (Age 9)

My parents had stopped giving me pocket money because they felt I was using it carelessly, but now after the attending classes, I was able to prove to them that I could be responsible and now they’ve restarted my allowance.

Fatma Al Falasi (Age 11)

Learning about money changed my life. And I’m excited about teaching it to others so it can change theirs too.

Rayan Ibrahim (Age 10)

I loved learning how to budget because it taught me how to make choices about my lifestyle.

Kyra Singh (Age 10)

Learning about the different money mindsets was really fun, I want to have a bullet train mindset when I grow up.

Lauryn Singh (Age 8)

“When my parents first enrolled me, I wasn’t too thrilled to be spending 5 hours of my weekend on this. But after Marilyn put her promises in place, I was looking forward to this. Marilyn has kept her promises and has been a great teacher. I highly recommend this programme to everyone, if you’re a parent and are hesitant about enrolling your child, don’t be. Your child is in the safest of hands and this will be the most important class they will ever take”

Yousuf Khatib

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