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Teens Listen up: What Fathers Really Want

Cui Bono

Financial illiteracy should be a crime. That is, an activity considered a grave offense, harmful or wrong. Look at the disastrous fallout, and the reason it should be a crime becomes obvious. It greatly harms those afflicted. It has catastrophic consequences not just on their…

A Fin-Ed Vaccine for Your Teenager

Vaccines are miracle of science. They handily beat all other medical procedures in lives saved and disabling illnesses prevented. From poliomyelitis & tetanus to diphtheria, tuberculosis, measles and meningitis, vaccines have eradicated a whole host of crippling diseases from most parts of the world. They…

A Rebel Educator

If you ask most teenagers how they feel about school, you will get responses typically ranging from bored and disinterested to confused and frustrated. While many say it’s fun and that they love it, what they are commonly referring to is their social circle at…

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