Kids Finance Initiative

Parent Testimonials

We realise our children are living in an increasingly fast-paced environment preparing themselves for jobs – many of which don’t yet exist – and with every aspect of their progress being scrutinised relentlessly.
My wife and I found this Entrepreneurship program is designed to help kids become resilient to these pressures showing them how to spot and deal with the areas in their own lives whilst looking forward in a positive and inspiring way. We noticed the facilitators were open and caring and addressed elements in a teens language leading to building confidence and in time a resilience thought processes. I have read Nathan’s action plans that were a result of the workshop that encouraged him to develop a growth mindset focusing on their desired outcomes.

We cant wait for the next rollout…..Thank you so much!

Savio D’Costa – Dad of Nathan (Age 14 yrs)

We are very thankful to the KFI team for drawing up Mythili to real world and teach her dealing with money in a right way. She took her last course “Entrepreneur” on very serious note. She enjoyed the module and shared her learning with much interest, really useful learning that allows family discussion. We also enjoyed the interaction with her on entrepreneurship and we look forward to attending more like these. We would say she used to have a tendency to be little careless with money, but now we seen difference showing more calculative and self-control. Thank you for investing in our kids and preparing them for a better future.

Tejas Patel – Dad of Mythili (Age 11yrs)

The Entrepreneurship with a Twist program is a great start to develop a solid mindset of kids towards entrepreneurship. Kids learn things like assertiveness and gratitude which are unfortunately not taught in any curriculum on the region. So am so glad my son got the chance to learn these things which will surely favor him in his future. Thanks to KFI team especially Ms. Marilyn and Ms pooja, great job!

Aisha – Mum of Esaa (Age 10 yrs)

I’m so glad my daughter got to be part of this program…even if it meant driving all the way from RAK to Dubai! These lessons are so important for our kids to learn and they also seem to be having such a good time learning.

Ahmed – Dad of Yasmin (Age 12 yrs)

Liam isn’t the kind of kid who talks a lot about his activities in school or elsewhere. But we can always tell when he really enjoys something. And this entrepreneurship program was definitely something he enjoyed very much. He looked forward to each class and begged us to take him every Saturday. Judging from his reactions, the classes must have been really engaging.

Andrea – Mum of Liam (Age 10 yrs)

Thank you Marilyn, thank you for your effort, thank you for your program, thank you for your time and most of all…thank you for investing in our kids and preparing them for a better future.

Anood – Mum of Majed (12 yrs)

Thank you very much dear Marilyn, we really enjoyed the discussion this morning, it highlighted so many points we needed to know, thank you again and carry on the great work.

Amna – Mum of Rashid (14 yrs)

Dear Marilyn, I must say I was pleasantly surprised as this wasn’t a feedback about your pupil that we were called discuss, rather it was about our son’s development and our input as parents. I must confess it also served as refreshers course in good parenting and give us insight into how we can contribute to our children’s improvement. I thank you for your and your team’s efforts and honesty towards the noble responsibility of teaching. My husband also enjoyed the interaction at the session and we look forward to attending more like these.

Mariya – Mum of Hussain (12 yrs)

Ava enjoyed the course and shared her learning with much enthusiasm. I really think what you are doing is great and I wish you much success. Do forward any further course details and I will recommend amongst my friends.
With regards to the weekly update sent by the KFI educator: Really useful updates that allow for family discussion.

Heidi-Mai Warren (mum of Ava)

Great initiative. Financial awareness is increasingly important in the current highly commercialized world that we live, and more so here in the UAE. I am a firm believer that our children are better off learning these skills early, thus equipping them with the ability to make wise financial decisions as they grow up and God willing become more responsible adults. I hope all parents can put their kids through this program.

John Kamau, father of Louise (Age 12)

This initiative is something we didn’t have growing up, so we learnt the hard way! ’ve already observed that Raashi is becoming very understanding towards saving; for the first time, she’s talking about saving money, and wanting to understand the value of that money.

Shilpi Sengupta, mum of Raashi (Age 10)

My kids have no sense of the value of money. Perhaps that’s because we’ve made sure that they both have all the stuff we didn’t have while we were kids. This course is providing some hope that a professional can get this message across to them, that they need to think twice before blowing their pocket money on senseless things like toys, and things they don’t need. We’re hoping that as they grow up they’ll become more responsible and realise that in this world, financial security is of the utmost importance, especially in these turbulent times. The course has just started and they have attended three sessions, but we are already seeing them change their behaviour. At times they question our purchases, and criticise our behaviour. I hope there will be more courses like this that will prepare them for a difficult future ahead.

Ramzi Soujah, father of Leena and Vera (Age 8 & 10)

We felt it was of the utmost importance for Rhea to understand the concept of money, what it is and how to spend it; she isn’t taught it in school, and it isn’t even taught at university so there’s a real risk kids these days will get to university and live alone for the first time and not have any idea how to deal with money and manage their finances. We didn’t get any kind of financial education when we were younger either, so we wanted her to be more money-savvy than we were. So far with the programme, she’s really discovering herself. We have great chats with her when she comes home from class, and we’re so happy she’s learning a whole range of small but useful things such as the difference between credit and debit cards, as well as concepts such as how to spend wisely. We’re already seeing a difference in her attitude and behaviour. Every session involves a different, relevant topic and the educators send home an email letting us know what’s being covered so we can carry on the learning at home, help her relate to the topics and make it real. We’re hoping doing the programme will help her become more independent and mature.

Neha Raj, mum of Rhea (Age 14)

Our kids are going to have to make financial decisions throughout their lives and as parents, it’s up to us to ensure that are prepared to face them intelligently. This course gives them just that….the understanding and the resulting confidence to make conscious money decisions.

Marilyn Pinto, mum of Kyra & Lauryn (Age 8 &10)

Rayan is really enjoying doing the programme and looks forward to going to classes each week. I’m an architect and his dad is a mechanical engineer, so we don’t have much knowledge of finance, so it’s great that he’s learning! His favourite aspect of the programme is that the educators use real-life famous people as examples, and he loves coming home and telling us all about them. We can see the programme is having an impact on his attitude and behaviour already; before, he would always expect gifts for things like good behaviour or good marks at school, but now he has a more mature attitude towards material things.

Alia, mum of Rayan (Age 10)

Hussein has always understood the general concept of money and is very keen to make his own money without having to rely on pocket money from us – he recently watched a YouTube video on making and selling candles, and told us if we bought him the materials he would make the candles then give us the money back while he kept the profits – but we felt he needed to learn some practical skills and also some self-control. We thought it would be useful for him to learn about creating budgets and managing money. These classes came at just the right time. He will happily come home and discuss what he’s learnt with us, and we can help him relate his learning to real life with the detailed emails the educators send each week. I’d say he used to have a tendency to be slightly careless with money, but already he’s definitely showing more restraint and self-control.

Mariya, mum of Hussein (Age 11)