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Our Story

“If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.” – Toni Morrison

Financial literacy was a subject I wanted my daughters to learn about, and it wasn’t being taught in the current education system. 

Our kids will go through 15 years of schooling and not have a single class on how to manage money, or budget, or choose a credit card, much less use one prudently. So, I decided I was going to do something about it. That’s how the Kids Finance Initiative got started.

Our kids are going to make financial decisions throughout their lives, and as parents, it’s up to us to ensure that they’re prepared to face them intelligently. At KFI, we give them just that—the understanding and the confidence to make conscious money decisions. This skill isn’t just something nice to have; it is a social imperative.

At KFI, we aren’t just experts in financial education for kids & teens, we are also experts in teaching this to them in a way that they love to learn. 

By conducting in-depth programs and not just workshops, we build a deeper understanding of the various topics we teach. By engaging with parents, we ensure that the kids’ cycle of learning is deeper. By building relationships with the kids, we instill in them a curiosity for learning that will outlast our interaction with them.

We believe that our kids & teens are capable of learning, understanding, and doing so much more than we give them credit for.

The concepts and ideas we teach are borrowed from Benjamin Graham, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Beth Kobliner, Daniel Goleman, Dr Carol Dweck, William Deresiewicz, Dan Ariely, T Harv Eker, Angela Duckworth, and other prominent authors and scientists.

What we do is teach these concepts to kids in a way that they can understand and use it. Our programs are fun, full of profound knowledge, and packed with skills they need for a future built on their own terms.

The kids we teach are our highest priority and this is reflected in all our actions and decisions. We have a reputation for always doing the right thing for the kids entrusted to our care.

We really are the best at what we do because we don’t just have skin in this game…we have our hearts there too.