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Millionaire Teen

Money Management is the one skill that your teen will be tested on every day of their adult lives, yet they don’t learn anything about it in School.

This specialty crafted online program will change and challenge the way your teen thinks about money while teaching them how to manage their money smartly and responsibly.

The active discussion, immediate feedback and personal familiarity of the live coaching classes not only helps kids learn faster and remember better but also motivates them to engage in deep learning that builds their financial awareness.

The live online coaching makes it possible to ask questions and receive answers mid-lesson, to debate with other participants and to drive a conversation in unexpected new directions, all of which makes for very dynamic and engaging sessions.

Cost – AED 597


at 2:00 pm, UAE Time

at 12:00 pm, UAE Time

Your Instructor

Hi, My name is Marilyn, I’m the founder of the Kids Finance Initiative and the instructor for the Teen Millionaire Online Program. The skills you will learn and mindset you will develop as a result of this program is priceless.

I’m here to make sure that you not only get immense value out of the program but also that you thoroughly enjoy the learning process.