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Millionaire Kid

Teaching kids about money is never just about money…it’s about character and responsibility.

This specially crafted course taught by trained professionals not only teaches kids to handle money smartly and responsibly but more importantly how to examine their attitudes and develop an appropriate money mindset.

Role play, games and other interactive teaching methods not only increase retention rates but also motivate the kids to engage in deep learning that builds their financial awareness.

Why teach financial literacy to kids and teens?

Because research shows that:

  • Students who take financial education courses are less likely to be compulsive buyers, more likely to save and less likely to max out their credit cards.
  • As few as 10 hours of financial education can improve students’ spending and saving habits.
  • 78% of expatriates in the UAE who return to their home countries go back with less money than they arrived with.
  • 70% of UAE Nationals under 35 are in debt.
  • Schools teach little about personal finance.

Teaching financial literacy to kids is critical, but the task is one that educators and parents often overlook.